Kottonmouth Kings - It Ain't Easy Lyrics

I served my time like a man
Get up and take a stand
My life is in your hands
And that ain't right

(it ain't easy)
I don't want no complications, no isolation, (it aint easy, no no)
I'm just doin my time
(it ain't easy) it ain't easy when your facin incarceration for a victimless crime (it ain't easy)

[Johnny Richter:]
Now I've seen a lot of people who got it worse than me
Strugglin to survive, fightin just to feel free
Incarcerated over dealin with a plant
Or standing up for themselves for dealin with the man
Its hard to think in a world of today
That people get locked away for a victimless crime
Doin serious time we must be out of our minds
We need to stand up and get the laws refined
Its up to us to stop writtin the tracks
Start demanding the facts make the right decision
A country run by the people was americas vision
A democratic society where we're in a positon
Thats why we have the right to vote
But look what happened
We legalize weed and the governments laughin
Bush is still in office so we still in iraq
We need to open up our eyes and take the power back


[Daddy X:]
I served my time like a man
Get up and take a stand
My life is in your hands
And that ain't right

In this world its all contained
From time to time we all make mistakes
Sometimes in life you cant catch a break
Living hand to mouth going day to day
And your personal lives start to get you down
And there's not enough goodness to spread around
All the views of the world start sleepin in
And the sides of the walls start creepin in
Now your thinkin crazy thoughts of desperation
And your faced what you dont want to be facin
Situations, sticky situations
Freedom dead now incareration


How come the government can send us to fight
But i cant do the things that i want like smoke a pipe
Its punishment, crazy and people lose their rights
Over something so simple that grows from the sky
Keep askin my self the same old questions
No answers just a bunch of complications
Its confusin but oh well
This lifes a trip with so many stories to tell



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