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Lloyd Banks - Party N Bullshit Lyrics

Ugh! you know party meet the bullshit
So if you see me in there I'm probly with
A full clip mazaradi with a cool kit with
My luey on looking for somebody I can
Cruise with my flow felony melody music
I'm high heavenly hell if he lose it man niggas
Only go to church for the bed know only certain
Celebs could work for the feds I fall asleep on the
Bread hurt to the head hating to get that man a shirt
Full of lead shit I'm on a blood hound search for the
Bread and you a bumbass niggas first one to beg
Bitch millimeters for the person of pumps punk don't
End up in the herse of the trunk change phone numbers
Every first of the month bitches prank calling all thirsty
And drunk

Yea we getting money baby
Party n bullshit bacardi and
More shit were your bottles
At about 3 straps


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