Lloyd Banks - Finally Lyrics

Never have you ever seen another blame my enviroment society
Made me tough as rubber they tryin me so let's resolve the situation
Violently finally some real niggas that move around silently honestly
These niggas could'ntsee me through a mad glass they mad ass I'll
Sum em up in a paragraph from a fire cracker to a shot gun barrell
Blast I can't do nothing but laugh at your coward ass bring your crew
I'll knock em down to half off one by one I'll golf the rest I got it on
Alcatraz on my off days I'm poppin tags cars full of shopping bags
Same spending habit my poppa had don't take a name if you ain't
Got similar ways had the original rolling round in his grave if he living
He upset in his cage all day streets is on work ain't one second to play
Hey, the difference between me and them is you only see me in rimmers
And they still pay rent I only trust my gut feelings so the steel he kept
The side say glock they wheels they bent I got that real paint sent I'd
Probly be in jail it's up to them I'm drivin morally therfore I feel like fuck a
Friend family ties last longer I'm stronger as long as they growing marajuana
I'm straight it keeps me calm for the hate my flow get a phenominal rate jealous
Niggas can't stomach it my timing is great remind you of cake money in the bank
Nigga bet on this I'm what they ain't your favorite rappers my biggest fan puttin
That trash out and I'm a clean it all up spick and spam you can't punch for punch
You need a bigger hand nigga damn you jacking the way a nigga stand kill yourself
Here pull the trigger Blam! you ain't a guy just the middle man big dreams little hand
You ain't even rhyme rat and I'm a coach I put hands on ya bob knight you fucking
Roach I'm tucking toast I got my mind right so don't get close you'll overdose upon
This hard white we terminating on sight 560 all white automatic 4 pipes
Reefer addict quarter cube we gone smoke it all tonight

In case you ain't know
This the plk flow
In that new S3 ain't nobody
Fucking with me


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