Heritage Singers - Peacespeaker Lyrics

It was such a lovely day and
the sun was shining bright
The gentle breeze was blowing my way
Not a storm cloud in sight

Then suddenly without warning
Storms sourrounded my life
But even in the storm
I could feel the calm
and here's the reason why

I know the Peacespeaker
I know Him by name
I know the Peacespeaker
He controls the winds and waves
When He says, "Peace! Be still!"
They have to obey
I'm glad I know the Peacespeaker
Yes, I know Him by name

There's never been another man
with the power of this friend
By simply saying, "Peace! Be still!"
He can calm the strongest wind
That's why I'll never worry when storm clouds come my way
I know that He is near to drive away my fears, and I can smile and say

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Peace, peace, wonderful peace.
Coming down from the Father above.

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Thanks to Joriko Melvin Sihombing for these lyrics

Thanks to WLTrull for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Kitz for correcting these lyrics

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2013-03-12 12:01:12 by anonymous
Best contemporary gospel song. And I just love this group