Lloyd Banks - Another 50 Lyrics

I don't know what the fuck going on
Yea it's the plk nigga remember me
This is all of a sudden niggas got
Amnesia check me

I keep something bad I'm supposed ta
Hopping out with loafers on your chicks
44 inch hips hold a toaster for him my
G ways got a chocha warming you spend
Your days on a sofa I'm car jet boating
On him I roll pleanty deep you get drunk
Let the henny speak I get jumped I let
The semi leak yup I am very cheap but
I stay fly every week get high every
Day marajuana heavy weight nigga I stunt
I ain't no bitch I took a hit of the blunt
You know the bigger the inside the bigger
The trunk bigger the problem bigger the
Pump get slumped chump we don't mix you'll
Shrink to a soldier like oil and vinegar
Or batman and joker my nine will poke ya
Poke ya head out ya pops I pop in and out
The bank my bread out the box show up late
80 thousand dollar watch you a hater join
The club shit can line around the block
I need houses by the dock and a bentley
That flip flop you knew I was a rapper
When you met me bitch stop I'll expose
You blow everything up tick tock do
You niggas like g-money did to chris
Rock I show up in the martin make your
Bitch lip drop light the whole fucking
Park up outta my zip lock when I zip off
Young fly thing tugging my zipper the
Stars come out the night but I'm the big
Dipper hundred bill tipper real nigga a
Steal gripper he'll lift her, I'll lift
Your spirit out your body probly I'll be
Shotty every color cardi mazaradi all do
Cardi boo garde you step lobby you snotty
El touro garde with the punch let them fly
Hear the crunch bring em all out they be
My lunch I buy thousand dollar shoes wear
Them once I fronts I came a long way
From sharing blunts I'm smart but that don't
Mean to look at me for the answers if he
Can't wipe his own ass leave him in pampers
These niggas ain't good rappers the good dancers
And should I known you can't learn on campus
Answers for bullet holes chances for strip
Poles chicks keep their lips closed on anywhere
The dick goes I'm a walking compliment you don't
Get those all my niggas schitzo so tuck it if
Your shit froze now watch how I switch flows
I bag your girly make her tip toe all in and
Out the whip low for dick bro I ain't cuffing
A chick though I'm here and there air in square
Millionaire up in the lair money to the ceiling
Yea until the day I return I'm leaving you with
Anotha 50 enemies burn


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