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Cherish - Bump Like Some Speakers Lyrics

"Now baby sit back and let me relax your mind...
No hurry baby we have all the time in the world.
Let's play our parts like we are in a movie...
Tonight it's whatever, don't be afraid to put your hands on me.

Baby get inside my brain, make me never ever feel the same, I don't even wanna know your name.
Just make sure you make it worth it.
Now I'm drippin sweat like rain...
So hot we could spark a flame.
So good I wanna run away...

So baby won't you make me...
Run like a felon (felon)
Scream like I'm hurt (I'm hurt)
Reach like I'm fallin' (fallin')
Stop on my words. (my words)
Cry like I'm lonely (lonely)
Losin my breath... (my Breath)
Shake like I'm nervous (nervous)
Gaspin for air.
We gon bump like some speakers...

Ok, we're gettin ready for another round, so impaitent baby I just want it now.
I can't wait.
Let me know when you are ready to go down...
Oh! what you do to me, I swear I feel like I'm dreamin'

Hearts beatin faster and faster but please don't slow down... slow down.
So facinating, amazing how you put it down... down."


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