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Metronomy - Back On The Motorway Lyrics

I went and messed around with her heart

So now she's run off with my car

But I can't live without her

(and it's so hard to take)

So I've set off out to find her

I'm back on the motorway


At this wheel I'd drive the earth for her

Every carriageway a mile for her

These five gears and wheels could drive to her

But this carriageway can't take me there

Drivin' at ninety miles per hour

It's hard to know what's comin'

Then on the horizon

Something makes me brake

I can see me darlin' ahead on the motorway

(I can see us dying on the bonnet of a chevrolet)

So why's my baby lying on the side of the motorway

(I wish that I had never said the things that I'd told her today)

'Cos now she's left me crying on the shoulder of the motorway


Sax solo!!!!

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