Bow Wow - Father's Day Lyrics

Seem like I got everything only thing I'm really missin is my father mane never told me son have a good day in school never came to my games he too busy sippin bulls got 3 kids can't take care na one of em dead beat said he would I can't be one of em and I look just like him when I have kids I won't be notin like him and everytime I see him I be wantin to fight to him I love him to death, but he know he triflin grandma alwayz tryna take ya side sayin shad he went to rehab he gon be fine but I know deep down in my soul that's lie and I hope he gets better so I pray to the sky can't even lie man I feel liek cryin and u drink so much I know ya body is diein and it'a shame my lil sista in the 6th grade and she know all about ya bad ways and I learned how to use a condom by myself and I learned how shave homie by myself taught me how to be man by myself and I tie my own shoe homie I don't need ya help man what I'm gon tell my children when they ask 4 grandpa and u somewhere missin it's too late homie don't even bother u know how much stress u done cuased my momma cause u wasn't arond it was so much drama think pickin up a 40 gon solve ya probelms try talkin to u but don't change much much gave u some money but u messed that all up an du know I love holidays but fathers day the only holiday we don't celebrate me and my fans got something I common jus ya momma around and ain't no father and I know it's good dad out there but I wouldn't understand I didn't have that dad and he's a mess like lynel and when he see me on tv that's when hecall mr right by my side is where he oughta be can't do it cause he still an acholic b this concludes my story God bless ya soul and God give him glory

I celebrate holidays but I don't celebrate Father's Day


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