Lloyd Banks - Hand Days/Rip Lyrics

Ugh! people
This is real shit,
Are you a real nigga
Or real bitch feel this!

You wonder why my days hard I spent my mornin
At the graveyard crawled into this world gone walk
Away scared tattoos on my past views I was told cash
Rules get yours that smooth mash through
I wasn't taught I'm a natural bred from a puerto rican lady and
A black dude and that dude is why I'm me responsible
For every smile I see hue told me since a child I'd be more
Than a regular boy and boy was he right as ever I'm
Smart I'm clever he's good I'm better I'm hood forever
My treasure value beyond measure I stand out ain't
Gotta be all extra Banks the one you look small next to
Just like webster run I'll catch ya if I ain't have all the money I'd ask
Betchya fuck it listen let all the water out your bucket
Furs and specs when I flex my swag and steps extremely
Complex and ya'll just pecs you can't be the don
Next the weight of that torch feels like arm reps and I done heard
It all now I'm gone bomb next and fuck all you niggas and don't take it outta
Context you gotta love a nigga loyal when shit fucked up he there
For you now it's time to turn the heat up till it boil and all you a G from the sac
To the soil!


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