Roger Whittaker - Light Lyrics

Artist: Roger Whittaker
Title: Light

Oh. . .ho. . .mmh. . .

You, are the light to my soul.
How you shine and for me,
you bring the hope,
that keeps my spirit life,
when all is dark
you light my way and I survive.

You, are the light of my soul.
Keeps me warm.
Fills my heart with the joy and comfort.
When I’m lost and all alone,
you seek me out
and bring me safely home.

You with me day and night,
all life long.
I can feel our love.
It goes on and on.
Oh, so strong, my love.

You are the light deep in me.
How you shine, just for me,
you give your all
and in the giving set me free.

You are the light deep in me
and together we’re free.


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