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Lil' Wayne - Dats My Nigga Feat. Nutt Da Kid Lyrics

lil wayne:

young young young young young young young young mula baby ahh ahh ahh for da grown and sexy yeaaa...(yea)shorty let your hair down ima let the top down we gon ride around town turn dis bitch to our town we could do it quickly quicker then you eva seen and everything you eva wanted it i could spend watever on it baby ima d-boy you see duffle bag i dnt see ur pantie line where her stomach at she dnt wear draws she like her pussy bold an she dont like pets but she coo wit ma dawgs an she cook a nigga steak she fix a nigga plate she rub a nigga bac like im in da nba

Thanks to myesha(meme) for these lyrics

Thanks to LiLMoss for these lyrics


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