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Ufo - Crystal Light Lyrics

Standin' by the roadside
future in my hands
Coat I'm wearing's blowing cold
Turn my back to the wind
Winter mist along the coast
City lights closed down
Old empty station there
Train line cuts the ground
Train line cuts the ground

*crystal light is shinin' bright
Shine on down for me
Moon is even passin' by tryin' not to see
Like a fool I hit that road
took my time to see
Life was only foolin' me

Cold crisp air it burns my lungs
Find it hard to breath
The hospital shut their gates
I can't get me no peace
Freak out people stand and scream
Stumble in the road

Close my eyes turn out the lights
Traveller's found a dream
Traveller's found a dream

* repeat
* repeat

Thanks to ian.butterworth for these lyrics

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