Vanilla Ice - I Love You Lyrics

(vanilla icek. sharp)

GirlI keep thinkin' of how I feel
When I'm in your arms gives me a chill.
Just knowin' that you want me by your side
Mellows my mind and enhances my pride.
GirlI need you more and more each day
Believe me when I tell you I'm here to stay.
I'm captured by your love and your pretty smile
You devastataing beauty and your sweet profile.

I love you'cause I love you
I love you'cause I love you

You're so fine. let's wine and dine.
I'm so happy that you are mine.
Thinking of you I melt with desire
Take you in my armslet love take us higher.
To hear you talksounds so sweet
When you're close to me I feel your heat.
GirlI want you and you want me
And it'll last until eternity.
You're like the snow fallin' from the sky
So cleanlike the look in your eye.
You're my queenI'll buy you everything
Yesgirleven diamond rings.
'cause you're my ladyand this love is true
Every sunset makes me think of you.
And I'll never forget what you mean to me
Comin' straight from the heart of vanilla i-c-e.

I love you'cause I love you
I love you'cause I love you

Hello. girlwhen I first saw you. it was love at first sight.
We've been goin' out now for about two years and I still
Feel the same.
I know I haven't said it much's because
SeeI get all choked up inside. it just doesn't wanna'
Come out. I don't know. maybe this'll help all the bad
Things I've done. sono matter what goes onno matter
What happensalways remember...i love you!

Produced by kim sharp
Published by too sharp music/ice baby music/qpm music (bmi)

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