American Mall - Every 10 Seconds Lyrics

Well time don't wait for no one
No one gets it for free
It's time we got it goin'
Well I got tunnel vision
Can't think if nothin' else
Turn on the television
And I can see myself
I'm a star in a rock band
Signing all them autographs
'Cause don'tcha know that

Every 10 seconds someones changing the world
Someones breakin' the rules and someone gets the girl
Every 10 seconds
There's a runner crossing over the line
Sent my application, I got nothin' to lose
Lookin' at my watch and it's a quarter to...
Everything I want
I can see it, see it in my mind
It's just a matter of time, time, time
It's just a matter of time, time, time

And it takes blind ambition
To rock the industry
I'll make somebody listen
They're gonna play my song
Gonna hear it on the radio
Drivin down the freeway
That's what I say


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