Brokencyde - 2 Hard 2 Take Lyrics

I'm trying, so hard
To get you out of my mind

I tried so hard
Until it was all over and done with

My feelings were long gone
No longer hurt in my stomach

At first it was love kid,
Then turned into constant arguments,
I tried my hardest to stop it,
This bitchin
Always started it

Taken advantage of my fragile heart,
Tore it apart
The state of one attraction
I should of known from the start

Over powered by hazel eyes
My mind paused for a minute
Picturing love,
There was nothing that could block the image

My thoughts depended,
On her actions,
Her ways,
Her love

Asked her father gods of lust
I prayed enough?

Embarced her trust mate
No fuss just dream happily
Day by day
I noticed the pain increase rapidly

In a dieing sence
I tried to forget it
And let it past

So by doing this
I forced to the relationship that would never lost

Every past was berecated
All trust was gone
Playing stupid, as I never knew,
What went wrong

( Chorus )

I, I question my... a love for you,
To leavin me
Who knew I can't handle this pain,
Cried for you in this rain
Why... a won't you say
Sorry, Turn around
And come back home?
I'm just so tired of bein alone
( End of Chorus )

I hate her
How many times haven't I said it?
I hate the fact that she hates me
And I shall never forget it

Never had I ever fuck with her feelings,
Let her regret it

All of these years,
Lost in the tears,
That my letters presented

I still miss her
Catch myself, slittin my wrist
With the glass
I seperated
From the last picture we flick

Together is 1,
Wondering what I've done to take this,
Holding my pillow every night,
Wish that she replace it

Well fuck it,
It's all over and done,
Feeling's are gone
And I'm starting to get tired of love killing my songs

So then my arms
Are forgotten trees,
Left in my shirt

I love you,
Shit I can't even say I remember the words
Never concerning anything
Having to do with her past

You ruined it last
We're hiding the truth in a mass,
Stupid ass
I'm ignoring the crap that you moaned

We had out times
Until today,
I hope you're happy alone

( Chorus )

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