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Yung Berg - Get Your Number Lyrics

It goes
773 633 38 hold up shawty wats your name again
A-M-E-R-I-E(lets go)

I know you open daddy
I see you there waiting for me be patient
cuz Im coming to you
We riding dirty up through the Chi
Baby just you and I
Aint no telling what we gonna do

So can I get your number (can can can I get your number girl)
So can I get your number (can can can I get your number gir)
So can I get your number... Can I get your number (number) (Go heag and call me shawty watchu want)

(Verse 1)
Mami wat it is (hey hey) you know the prince Chi and the YB's hoppin out the Benz Swang
Im the dog yea that wat your friends say
They been all through the hood like a mix tape
Now Im by the bar posting with potrone straight
Had money on my mind like the whole day (watchu doin)
Now shawty fish bowlin
So I dropped flakes
And moved a little closer just to hear her say
(Been waitin for you daddy so just give me the word ima smile for my girls and you can holla at me) alright
She the shyt like that will make you start a family
His and Her's red carpet look at the Grammy's
Then we fly to Paris
Im talkin 20 carrots
So you aint gotta say money shawty holla at me
You know that I'll be waitin for you it's something new 22's on the coup and it goes like



(Verse 2)
So I know wat you heard about
You and your friends in the Benz got the word out
But they dont know about the Prince of Chi dip in the ride
baby girl put ya phone out
And ima give you my number and never hold out
Introduce you to things you dont know about
Cuz ya man never did it like high and Im way to fly
And I know what the dough about
And I got those 773's 313's 404's I let ha YB's
Ma I like what I see and I see you on top of me
In the South Beach suite (talk to me Amerie go)
Wat you to turn the lights off me on
Dont need to rush a thing cuz you've been waitin this long
Gotta hand to you baby
I love the way you do wat you doooo
That's I couldn't hesitate to come and kick it wit you
The way you walked in the room.....
I knew I'll getchu alone soon......
You know you glad I didnt let you get far
Your so sexy thats wat you are



So you can spend sometime me

Can I get ur number girl 6x

Amerie YB

It goes
773 633 38 hold up shawty wats your name again

wat's your name again A-M-E-R-I.... dont act like you 4got (alright)

Thanks to jAzZiiZfR3sH4rEaLzZ for these lyrics

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