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Shane Piasecki - You're Here And I'm A Mess Lyrics

I'm trying to give you inches and you keep taking miles
If you'd just hang around me I could make it worth your while,

Cause I'm doing it in fashion and I'm singing it with style
But none of you can hear me
All you do it tune me out,

It's all gone
There's nothing left
Can you make this your last request
One last call
For one last regret
You're finally here and I'm a mess

I'm standing in the trenches
There's a party going on
There's a man who's selling potion
All I do is sing the songs
All I want is conversation,
Not some typical cliche'
About how many packs you're smoking and
How many beers I've drank

It's all gone...

It's getting Late
The crowd is slow,
You Know I need some place to go
Back to your house
We'll be alone
Lets have one more for the road
Cause it's all gone...

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