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GW Williams - On Easter Morning Lyrics

This is a great gospel song by world famous rock,blues guitarist GW Williams,this song was recorded on acoustic guitar and really touched my heart. I once had no hope in my life and this song gave me new hope and a new out look on life.

By GW Williams

On Easter Morning , the stone was rolled away.
The clouds were gone.
There was no tears of rain.
The Son had risen.
There was no need to cry.
The battle was won, yes fought for you and I.

Yes He's a risen, yes in Robes of White.
Glory abound, by his Holy Sight.

Yes He's the Son of God and He's in our hearts today.
He's walking through this place.
Can't you see his face.
ahhh.....shining bright, in the hearts of men today.

He's in the mist of us,ever time we pray.
Oh yes - when we pray, God is with us every day

Chorus -

Oh every day , Oh every day
Let us worship Jesus Christ.
Oh every day, every day ,
Let us worship - Wow - Jesus Christ
Wow here today.

Thanks to Karen Star - I love this song by rock Guitar song

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