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Styles P - Kill That Faggot Lyrics

Live shit, The Ghost

[Verse 1]
All the weed smoke bustin my lungs
Iツ知 in the whip, with the 8 dollar bottle only trustin my gun
You would think I was born in the pot, the way my blood boil
Put ya brain in the dirt, and call it thug soil
Flow till ya sick of me, waddup
So if ya Catholic get ya Rosary, Muslims get ya thicker beads(?)
Yeah thatツ痴 a real thug,
I like to pray when Iツ知 high, the weed is my shek(?), the blunt is my prayer rug
P ainツ稚 got a religion,
Yeah I believe in God, but Iツ知 harder than the cops in the prison
And Iツ知 glad that the L.O.X. made it
Iツ知 in the parkin lot, gun on my waist while I get intoxicated
You would be surprised all the drugs that I operated
We come through ya block, we got beef you cooperatin
Ghost cuz Iツ知 outta this world
And I donツ稚 play, I blow the large intestine right outta ya girl, what

[Chorus] x2
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Kill that faggot (what?), kill that faggot (what?), kill that faggot (what?), kill that faggot (what?)

[Verse 2]
The Ghost got telepathy
Shine in the darkside, disappear in the light, yツ誕ll want the recipe
You think Iツ知 sleepin
Dog this is Styles, if Iツ知 lookin in the sky im tryin to find a cloud to creep in
Come back when it rain again
You could get my drift on, understand my science then Iツ知a spit the pain again
You canツ稚 sing witツ angels, you chat witツ a demon
Iツ知 as loud as the gat that Iツ知 squeezing, adapt for the heathens
Told you Iツ知 the lord of the slums
Flow is water, words is fire, I order the guns
It ainツ稚 nothing like the cominツ of Christ
You wanna roll and Iツ知a leave a hole you ainツ稚 numbinツ with ice
Yeah Iツ知 a soldier dog
Fuck around with Styles, youツ値l never get a colder war, guaranteed Iツ知 foldinツ yツ誕ll
Yeah Iツ知a tell you my name
You wouldnツ稚 understand, itツ痴 so deep that Iツ知a tell you my game, what

[Chorus] x2

[Verse 3]
I wanna kill the world and bouncinツ is my remedy
P will go to war if I ainツ稚 got a ounce of energy
Die for my ace goons, live for the younger me
You could look in my eyes and see where the hunger be
Blood, sweat, and tears been dropped, dip ya bowl in it
But what make this shit bad, I put my soul in it
Fuck youツ fuck them
Yツ誕ll ainツ稚 got honor, respect the customs
Niggas donツ稚 want me to flip, I donツ稚 stand still
Been made my decision, how I was livinツ
A couple years ago when I learned how a few grand feel
Itツ痴 my time to grind, my turn to burn
So Iツ知 askin where the matches at, and if you canツ稚 answer that
Then answer this, where the FUCK you want P to put the casket at?
What, mothafuckas

[Chorus] x4

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