Children Of Eden movie - Gathering Storm Lyrics

I know we’ve been through this before
I know you’re weary of my asking
But one time more
I stand imploring you
I know you have just cause
With all the faults and flaws of humankind
But I think of all the souls
With dreams and goals and such
And I try to be resigned
But I wish you’d change your mind
I wish you’d change your mind

I’ve watched and waited since the time of Seth
And hoped as new generation drew its breath
I’ve hoped forever
Now may my earth be filled
With good and grateful children
I’ve hoped in vain
Fool, greedy, violent
They’re all the race of Cain
Now only you and your family remain
This is the last time I will hope
This is the last chance I will give
I will let your family live
But this is the last chance I will give

[Thanks to Tara Aukerman for lyrics]


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