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DEMARCO - Standing soldiers Lyrics

Yeah Demarco
Ghetto youths

Dem nuh want we reach no way
Dem only wah we listen weh dem teach we say
Mister empy so you mean to say
Ghetto youths stop fi live no way

Dem waan wi fi fall
But dat nah happen none at all (NO)
Dem waan wi fi fall
Raise up the foot and tek di dancehall
Man a standing soldier
You nah see we bawl
Man a real standing soldier
All when wi back against di wall
Man a real standing soldier
We nah bow down and crawl
Man a real standing soldier
Jah jah protect your soul

Every day another youth a dead inna di ghetto
Stop di violence and bloodshed inna di ghetto
We nuh waan fi see no more coke head inna di ghetto
Cyaan hardly afford piece a bread inna di ghetto
Help poor people treat dem right
nurcher di youths no give dem a fight
pon poverty di bigger heads need fi shed some light


Wah decison poor people fi mek crime rate escalate a di next thing a dead
Inna di concret jungle you haffi watch weh you step
The worst is to cum, yuh see nothing yet
Mi see it everyday, mi say pon di tv
Mi nuh waan no more shelt as missing we
Mister governement stop dissing we
And set di people free



Thanks to Tina M

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