Goldie Lookin Chain - Draw Club Lyrics

good evening folks, welcome to draw club. draw club is our society
through this cd you will learn the ways to enhance your draw using skills
if you've never used draw before, possibly by the end of this you'll be...using draw
but in order to use draw you'll have to listen to this cd first use draw, i've got couple of members of the goldie lookin' chain draw using society. er....with me is er....2000 ad, aka Mr. two hats, are you a draw user, son?

"yeah fukin' 'ell man, i've been uh....smokin' draw for a couple years now, uh.... fukin safe,
uh...bit blocked up at the moment, uh.....bit out of my head, innit, you fukin' knows it, uh, fukin razzle dazzle"

very good, er....opinion on draw there. er..also we've er..p xain, a fellow draw user, will also show you the way to use draw, p xain...have you used draw recent?

"i 'ave er...been using draw recently, over the few...... last couple of months because i've er 'ad a bit of the arthritis in the hand and apparently it eases the pain which it has been doing. er, i'd like to talk to you later where i will be demonstrating how to er, erect er and perform the building and craftsmanship of a spliff with your 5 basic things that you need.....

that's fags, rizla, draw, summit to light it with, prefferably a clipper lighter, remember that, very good, clip...clipper elite, they're the best, very good...ok and you need something nice and solid to skin up on, that's number 5, remember that one, ok, back to you egg, how you doin'?"

so there you have it, your 5 things you need to start the process, if you'd like to stop the cd now and go and get the 5 things from around the house, you may borrow something off of a neighbour, prepare yourself in a comfortable chair, listen to the following song and we'll come back with step 2 later...introducing you to the draw...


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