Goldie Lookin Chain - I Love My GLC Lyrics

intro - my name is lars, which i am a representative of the european arm of the goldie lookin' chain. we are mainly listening to metal and all types of tight jean wearing cool music, for sure, haha, you know, silver shadow really rock my world.

like a science experiment turned into a horrific nightmare, it has been discovered that without shit gold, the bad boy will cease to exist, for only the power of the shit metal can bring out the GLC in you...

i got a chaaaaiiiin when i came of age
with a sovereign on my finger to control my rage
before i had a chain i was a mental wreck
but the doctor says i'm sane with a chain around my neck

without metal i'm taking a chance
my tracksuit's too baggy and my balls sag in my pants
it's a proven fact only metal makes me dance
like ozzy ozbourne with his hands down my pants
he feels the sweat and falls to his knees
and screams...feel the power of the GLC

i gotta leather tracksuit, escaping with the loot
with a futuristic dial of 'can you compute'
you don't understand what it means when you feel the gold
sometimes it's hot and sometimes it's cold
that's right, the other day i was wearin' it in the sunshine
an' it was fcukin' so hot it was burning

chorus - i love my, i love my, i love my GLC
i love my, i love my, i love my GLC

levi's and trainers just like a bloke called simon
the GLC metal sounds real to me
remove the panties and penetrate the hymen
you've got to coz it's rock - GLC

like a telephone, i got loadsa rings
this one is made of metal from some school-girls tampon bins
i collect 'em from the toilets in the sports gyms
and pay money to the headmaster to alleviate my sins
yeah, big up to the fcukin' hi-tech silver shadow massive
you knows it......knows it......knows it

back in the port with my new gold chain
you knows it's right, so bring on the pain
with my GLC crew i hear you cl*t
newport clarts, you fcukin' knows it...fcukin' safe
respect fcukin' due, you fcukin' knows it

chorus - i love my, i love my, i love my GLC
i love my, i love my, i love my GLC

wibbly wobbly woo, you knows what to do
better head bob, it's the GLC crew
i'll cut you into pieces and cook you in a stew
i'll throw out the bigger pieces and flush the rest down the loo

me swapped me tracksuit for a shakin-stevens look
me got shit hi-tecs from a catalogue book
me grew me hair, like rik parfitt
me likes whitesnake, you fcukin' knows it

yes, yes, i gotta confess
to the robbings and the beatings, i'll leave your mind in a mess
i felt like bonnie tyler from the fcukin' start
it was a total eclipse of the heart

whitesnake, hawkwind, van halen, lindesfarne
we're better than def leppard and their drummer with one arm
we can wipe our asses and do the washing up
and when we drinks the lager we puts both hands on our cup

chorus - i love my, i love my, i love my GLC
i love my, i love my, i love my GLC

serious man, it's fcukin' wicked, i loves iron maiden
i listens to hear the fcukin' cannibal corpse and slayer
fcukin' they're my favourite fcukin' bands
i can't get the rift of the metal
when i'm not wearin my gold i'm fcukin' listening to knows it

i've discovered several hobbies over the years
i've got chains and my tracksuits
but now i've got tight jeans and a pair of hi-tech silver shadow
all in the name of motley crew, poison, alice cooper
an' my favourite's iron maiden, tightest jeans in fcukin' showbusiness.......ah hahahahaaa

hi rock fans, again this is lars making large respect on behalf of the european GLC movement who you are knowing better as always would be the euro hike back pack massive, or BPM...big up (something?) this is jennifer rush...for sure, i was touching myself up to the soft porn channel

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