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Goldie Lookin Chain - Professor Doppleganger Lyrics

my name is professor doppleganger and i am here to unlock the secrets of your mind, to discover why you really are the psychotic trauma case that we have been told you are by the authorities, you will lie down on the couch and listen to my voice, i will count down from ten,

on one you will be asleep, ten......nine.....eight......you are feeling drowsy........seven......six.........you are falling into a deep, erotic sleep.......five............four.......your eyes are becoming heavier and heavier........you are getting closer......two......one......you are asleep

your self conscious mind is opening up to the power of my suggestion, you are feeling completely relaxed, listen to my voice, i will guide you, tell me of the first time you committed an atrocity? what was the turning point? when did you realize you were different from the other boys?

what does it mean, at the age of thirteen
to stuff the kids next door in the washing machine?
switch it to spin, stand back and laugh
then hang 'em by their nuts from a telegraph-

-pole, german, swedish, french and dutch too
the voices have been calling me eggsie since '82
it's not my fault, i can't be to blame
it's the voices in my head calling out my fukin' name

you claim to be the embodiment of several different personas, each one seemingly more confusing and profound, search within your mind, who am i talking to now?

hi, rennie-la-lou, a new member of the crew,
on the doctors couch for all the bad things that i do
you mighta heard it on the south west news
busted by the police for shagging monkeys in the zoos
on the TV, but i walked away free
on the grounds of being mental since the age of three

you also talk of another character called Chon Ben Wa Balls

fuk you, searchin' my past
if you step to me, the next breath is your last
you wanna hypnotize, get behind my eyes
if you delve any further then you're in for a surprise
i like doing things that cause pain and distress
alone in the house, i'll make your mother undress
you'll never break me or take me alive
you got more chance of fukin' Princess Di

after intensive hypnotic regression i have reached no solid conclusion, doctor gob-shite, you hold the destiny of the test subject in your hand, what is your opinion? are they to be punished?

mmm, let me ponder and let me think
these boys, they like to smoke and they like to fight and drink
their depravity defies the very gravity
of the the situation in which their minds revolve or so i think

well doc, what's the prognosis?
they said they'd find a cure if i went and did hypnosis
they find the root of my fukin' psychosis
make me realize that my cause was hopeless
i fall asleep and questions they ask
like, 'let's take it back, back to your past'
i see the faces of the people i've known
it's like something out the fukin' twilight zone
then i feel it, it starts to come near
the root of all my evil - draw, fags and beer

we are beginning to break into the un-subconcious mind to find out the real truth behind the goldie lookin' chain


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