Goldie Lookin Chain - The Names Lyrics

Mr Love Eggs

Raphael Della Ghetto


38 DD killer

Benny Blanco

Adam Hussein

Billy Webb


Mike Balls



Strest Armstong

Mr. Compact

Lloyd Ganja 99

Dipper Nan


Dirty Bob

Bobby Sauce


Surpical ?

2000 AD

Ganja Bussiness

King Jacko

Dai Texas

Mad Keith

The Rock

Karl from Risca

Frankie Lodge

Charlotte from Scarlette's


Kerry Smithson



The Red Boy

Tim West Country

Vince Penel

Eugina Genius


Respect to the glc- youknowsit safe wayup (?) GLC!
Yeah- those were the names.. fcukin you knowsit, respect.
word is born- peace to your mother! providing she pay me that 45 quid I, I lent her for that draw..
Safe as fcuk, respect to you fcukin' knowsit! if you've previous listen to, if you've heard the name mentioned, or if you've taken part in any of the activities involved with this music- you're now officially a member of the Goldie Lookin' Chain- yer shit 'ead!
You fcukin' knowsit!

"You have 4 messages-
Message one: I don't know wehre you are, but I've been banging on your door for fcuking five minutes! I wish you wouldn't piss me about like this! Not when I'm not well!
Message 2: Yeah dis is Ice-T- 1990!
Message 3: Oh! we're going to (welsh place?) da na da na da na na Oh! back to the island! da na da ndanana Oh! we're gonna go on the log-flume! da na na na na Oh! on a fcuking (?) GLC (?) Yeah!
Message 4: Adam Hussein's gonna bring you some pain, unless you give me a ring- it's your clart hussein! Ta-ra
End of messages, to delete all messages- press delete" *beep*

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