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Goldie Lookin Chain - Newport's In The House Lyrics

People sayin� they from Newport and copying our leisure wear,
Hear me swear (fcuk),
Mike Balls is my name,
People sayin they from Newport cos they wanna be the same,
As us, wearing Kappa or Pringle,
Have you ever had a fcukin fight down the dingle?
Or heard of the new firm,
Or Anthony Moulden,
Who says he�s from Newport but I knows he�s from Bolton,
He says he�s from Newport but take my advice,
I know you�ve ever been to zanzi�s twice,
I don�t care if you�re from Swindon,
Or if you�re a bender,
Gotta keep it real,
don�t be a pretender,

Zanzi, Zanzibar, Zanzi, Zanzibar, Zanzi, Zanzibar, Zanzi, Zanzibar,

To the people over here, to the people over there,

I�m safe as 2 cans of lager and I got Umbro leisure wear,
Don't stare,
Or you'll read these Nikes,
Like Des O�Connor,
Fcukin� Melanie Sykes,
Bang bang like bullets,
From an Uzi,
I been fisted to death by Michael Barrymore's jacuzzi
We�re gonna put you to the test,
Taking pot-shots take your motor,
Newport�s like the wild west,
The chance you take, give me the money I leant you,
Can�t escape bleeding to death outside the Gwent,
It�s like spiking your mother�s lager with a gram of mace,
Or being abducted and raped by aliens from out of space,
Turn up the speakers bra til they start to distort,
We�re the Goldie Lookin� Chain throughout the Newport.

Zanzi, Zanzibar, Zanzi, Zanzibar, Zanzi, Zanzibar, Zanzi, Zanzibar,

And we�re born and raised, and we�re born and raised, and we�re born and raised in Newport city

That�s where I was born,
Rocking the party with the tape of dog porn,
Spin the decks,
Check the microphone,
Slash throwing the songs like we was Tom Jones,
But we�re not, we�re the Goldie Lookin� Chain,
Safe like Windsor Davies,
But never the twain,
This is the town, Newport�s the city,
tossed off by 2 slag�s on the number 9 to Spitty,

(you know what I�m fcuking sick of people claiming they from Newport when there fcuking not, its not fcuking safe ?????????)
Step up, run up, get up, what�s up suckers?,

Took half a gram of mace and 23 pukka�s,
People sayin� they from the NPT ,
Just cos they wanna be in the GLC,
Poppin� these pills get the fcuk out ma face,
When I robs a house I never leave a trace,
Comin� straight outta Newport it�s the Goldie Lookin� Chain,
Mother fcuker we�re about to put some salt in ya game,

(Fcukin respect to Krinder, ?????? The fcukin� Shaftsbury, fcukin� the Tesco�s shelf stacking posse, ???? fcukin� safe-knows it)

To the people over here, to the people over there AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! No no, hang on, serious, serious, take the���

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