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Goldie Lookin Chain - Nan Jam (Feat Adam's Nan) Lyrics

Adam Hussein - Bring me a cup of tea and an ounce of Columbian homegrown
hahaah you beggar

I've got a number one fan who loves to smoke a nine-bar
It ain't Bob Marley clarts, it's my fucking grandma
I seen her in fights, protecting the family name
Sparring clarts out 'cos she's the original Hussein

One time the police come knocking, at our door
She hid the fucking pills 'cos she knows the fucking score
The pigs started shouting, they couldn't find the blow
So my Nan chucks the pricks out the fucking window
You see, that's the problem when you smokes too much draw
You forget things like, er we live on the fifteenth floor
They landed in a mess, fuck me that must be sore
My Nan's hard as fuck and she's only eighty-four

Adam hussein, Adam Hussein
Adam Hussein

Why were these pigs here making me irate?
I thought back and tried to calculate
That's right mate
Last week she ran from St Addicks and they haven't seen her since
How can you miss a trackie and a fucking blue rinse
But she had to fucking leave 'cos she was causing uproar
'cos they caught her banging out shit, loads of fucking draw

She bought more whizz than she'd ever fucking need,
So she gave it a way - some to the day care
but most to some fucked up bloke in a wheelchair
Wally was is name and he looked half dead,
When my Nan finished with him he was off his head
He didn't fucking stop so she kept racking them,
Now he's on TV lapping Mika Hakkinen

Y2K + 2 Knows It Leisure Wear

Is this gonna be played in TJs?

Back in the day when the glc formed we had no money so my nan got pawned
I sold her down rizza's for eight pound forty and I bought some draw 'cos I'm fucking naughty
2 Hats smoked the last off this mad shit,
I better get my Nan back or she'll go fucking skitz
She's hussein, so like me she's insane,
She'll fuck you up with her fucking zimmer-frame

Safe Spa! You Knows It! Adam Hussein. Goldie Lookin' Chain. Adam Hussein. Adam Hussein.

I was in town getting fucked and off went my phone, it was my neighbour saying there's a disturbance at home
I walks in the place and to my dismay
My Nan got wrecked and thought it was my birthday
She made the cake with coke instead of flour
And she'd eaten almost half in under a fucking hour
She does it every now and then
Well perhaps twice a week
So I gives her three valiums to put her to sleep

You Knows It! Safe Spa! Goldie Lookin' Chain
Adam Hussein, Adam Hussein
The Goldie Lookin' Chain

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