Goldie Lookin Chain - Intro Lyrics

Right, it's Adam Hussein here!
What happend to you on Friday clart?
I'm fuckin' Adam Hussein.. knowsit
I'm fuckin' safe, I'm fuckin'.. In the GLC!
Adam Hussein here to bring the fuckin' pain!
(repeat 3x)
You know I'm gonna fucking (?) you and drive you insane!
Fuckin' get on the mic.. Fuckin' wreck it.. And just, er, shout general abuse down the fuckin' microphone!
Some people think I've got tourettes.. but I fuckin' 'avn't!

Er, I'm fuckin'.. yeah .. safe
(at the same time) Some of 'em get 'em from the market.. I gets mine frm Primark.. Some of 'em get 'em frm the market.. I gets mine from Primark..
I terll you what iv ebeen fukin round the woorld, ive been ove rthe other side of (?) and back, and I tell you what, I loves, I loves this place more, fuckin' Newport, fuckin' city.. Init
Right, It's Adam Hussein here.. I saw you in Fuckin' Zanzi'z Didn't I?!

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