Goldie Lookin Chain - Maggot's Stand Up Lyrics

I know a guy who blow sheep up,
He used to have a ta what the fuck?
He used to blow em up!
If you go to (?)? (Walters?) Five pound a sheep!
Get a sheep five pound!
oo hhehahaa!
I know medical people!
I know 'em, I've fuckin' you know I got friends high places, like!
a fuckin'.. Doctor like.. Stevie, a bit of a cunt.. You know fuckin'
Do a labotomy or woteva they do eh?
He fuckin'.. had, I don't know what he had! The fuckin' schitzo!
he fuckin' climbin' over fuckin' bushes
He's alright, he climbin over fuckin' sports fings, you know sports fences!
He fuckin' climb over and fuckin fell off!
Smashed himself up, got home..
Into bed, bleeding, he shit himself in the night as well!
Woke up in the mornin, his missus is covered in shit!!!
Like, Fuuuckin' Hell!
Cover your missus in shit!
Eh what do you know, We'll stay in, have a quiet night in tonight love
- I'm gonna cover you in shit!
*Laughter throughout*
*Heavy Applauding*

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