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Xymox - Jasmine & Rose Lyrics

The air tastes just like youit's the smell of june
A sensory shock that jolts my spiritI slowly swallow you
A spray of little dropletsa fragrance so refined
The spirit of nostalgia is passing me by

Opium and poisonjasmine and rose
Dream of ambrosiaall flavours glowit's sensualit's sensualsensual

It all began so easywith you on the floor
Against your willing flanks and knocking down your door
Until the day it crumbledno game of win and lose
You told me nothingyou left me confused

Expelled like poisona trim of the dose
A limb disposed ofin a whim she choseso rigorousshe's vigorous
She's vigorous

Heart of the hardest worldit's just the thought of you
All those variationsthe air is full of you
The smell of summer rainonce more the scent of june
This sweet concentrationbrings me back to you
Opium and poison
My taste of junemy taste of you
Inhaleinhale your trail
Opium and poisonjasmine and rosedream of escape with meall flavours go
It's sensualit's sensualit's sensual

What was ours will drift awaya simple breeze on a humid day

Ohnothing lastsnothing lastsforever

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