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DIANA ROSS - Is This What Feeling Gets Lyrics

(quincy jones/nickolas ashford/valerie simpson)Feeling? Feeling? Swear to God this is more than I can deal withThinkin' back on that old songWhere did I go wrong by caring and sharingMean together no matterI can't stand not knowingIs this what feeling getsA hope for happy endings? Alone and scaredSomething I don't want to beWhat did he see when he looked inside of me? If this is just a dreamHow come I feel like screaming? This is the real worldGotta do what you must, girlWellCan i? Can i? Is this what feeling gets? So is there a happy ending? There's nothing here but the fear ofWill I try? And can I stare it in the eyeNot ever knowing why? PleasePleaseCan someone tell me why?

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