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Ray J - One Wish (Remix) Lyrics

If I had one wish
I'd go back to the town
To the date
To the minute
To the second
You were mine
Cause the love was there before
Bet it was blind...
God tell me why I lost my mind!

Cause I must be crazy if I'm lettin' you leave
Sometimes love's got a price
So it won't set you free
I'm realizing now that we're just for the beat
I din' give it all now
Give the rest to me
Cause you were the best-YET thing to happen to me
Like Picasso with his first master piece

Tell me why I let you go,
Tell me why I need to know!

Why did I take you for granted?
I let it manage to damage the only thing standin' beside me
I find it
That I'll neva see a girl
That can whirl
Like the one I was eyein'
I'm cryin' at night,
All the time,
On the pillow
Why I'm lyin,
I'm lyin
And I blame myself cause I was wrong

Headaches lead to heart break
And I'm taken it the hard way
Cause- it's- hard- to- get- used- to
Bein'- so- close
-Can't -shine- as- bright - from-that-far-away
See cupid,
He gave me a gift
But I'm stupid
Cause of what I did
But if you could for-give den dat-ed be it...

Ray J...


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