Conor Oberst - Let Them In Lyrics

Harbour Inn,
Take me as I am;
A flame reduced to ash,
Watches as my youth leaks from me.
Winters day.
Am I in your way?
You press against my skin
All the flowery speeches
End in sad, clinking glass
The champagne made my head
Feel like an overcast star.

Paper cream,
Tell me its okay.
An opera glasses view
A kaleidoscope, its now or never.
God’s love.
The Devils in my coat.
Mothership come in to pick me up.
Oh, just my luck,
They’ve got my house surrounded.
I’m the only one I trust.
Don’t Let Them In.
Summer steam,
Cannot confide in me.
The colour is the sound.
The footsteps: orange.
My screams were silver
Secret plane?
I’ll tell you if I came
The secrets of this world
Are at your doorstep
Let me enter friend.
I don’t understand,
We come the convergence now;
All of the past combined.


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