Dj Nicholas ft. Jermaine Edwards - Living for Jesus Lyrics

Verse 1 (Jermaine)
On my road to God destiny worldly pleasures
come before me keeping my mind on you daily,
can I get lost on this journey,
Earthly struggles try to chain me
don’t want to let me see your glory,
but I am fighting to be Holy,
so I hide an be lowly,
Jesus will you be my company
Am i pleasing you? Lord please tell me,
I know I asked you before,
but I am feeling insecure,
cant get enough of you so
Lord I am just asking you for more,
Lord you brought me from so far,
an I just cant turn back now,

Living 4 Jesus an I am not turning back, my friends may laugh but I am not turning back, temptation may come but I’ll press to the top cause I'm a Christian, and that is the fact

Verse 2 (DJ Nicholas)
Uno wan some kunking,
bout uno want pick up the gun thing,
some young girl bout them want punking,
when mi an yu know dat a dumb thing,
all dey pon uno mind is humping,
that’s why so much test uno flunking,
to the wrong riddim uno jumping,
to the wrong beat uno heart pumpimg,
Christian stop uno grumbling,
hold Jesus high pon a bunting,
stop put him a back an upfront him,
start seek him like you a hunt him,
everyday uno get up uno need him,
give thanks fi life uno breathing,
God call uno, fi be leading,
how mi fi tun mi back when,
him go through the crucifixion and bleeding

Verse 3 (DJ Nicholas)
I’m not a shame to tell the world that I am what I am,
I am a son of the most high I am That I am,
I choose not to stand alone because I’m not an Island,
a representing the king the conquering Lion,
Hide the word in my heart so I wont be confused,
Satan had me bound for so long an now I am lose,
bye bye fleshly desire, bye bye carnal behavior,
enjoy that last piece cause now my body will give God pleasure.

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Thanks to David Silvera for these lyrics

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2013-07-05 01:05:19 by anonymous
I love this song