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61* movie - Talkin' Baseball (Willie, Mickey & The Duke) lyrics

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The whiz kids had won it,<br>

Bobby Thompson had done it,<br>

And Yogi read the comics all the while.<br>

Rock n roll was being born,<br>

Marijuana we would scorn,<br>

So down on the corner<br>

The national past-time went on trial.<br>



We're talkin' baseball<br>

Kluzuski Campanella<br>

Talkin' baseball<br>

The man and Bobby Fella<br>

The Scooter, the Barber, and the Newc<br>

They knew them all from Boston to Dubuque<br>

Especially Willie, Mickey, and the Duke.<br>


Well Casey was winning,<br>

Hank Aaron was beginning,<br>

One Robbie going out, one coming in.<br>

Kiner and Midget Cadell,<br>

The Thumper and Mel Parnell,<br>

And Ike was the only one winning down in Washington.<br>




Now my old friend<br>

The Bachelor<br>

Wee he swore he was the Oklahoma Kid.<br>

And Cookie played hooky<br>

To go and see the Duke,<br>

And me I always loved Wil Willie .<br>

Those were the days.<br>


Well now it's the 80's,<br>

And Brett is the greatest,<br>

And Bobby Bonds could play for everyone.<br>

Rose is at the Vet,<br>

Rusty again is a Met,<br>

And the great Alexander is pitching again in Washington.<br>


I'm talkin' baseball,<br>

Like Reggie, Cueez(?) and Berry,<br>

Talkin' baseball,<br>

Carew and Gaylord Perry,<br>

Seaver, Bobby Schmidt and Vida Blue,<br>

If Cooperstown is calling, it's no fluke.<br>

They'll be with Willie, Mickey, and the Duke.<br>

Willie, Mickey, and the Duke. (Say hey, say hey, say hey)<br>

It was Willie, Mickey and the Duke (Say hey, say hey, say hey)<br>

I'm talkin' Willie, Mickey and the Duke (Say hey, say hey, say hey)<br>


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