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61* movie - Hello Mary Lou lyrics

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You passed me by one sunny day<br>

Flashed those big brown eyes my way<br>

And oo I wanted you forever more<br>

Now I'm not one that gets around<br>

I swear my feet stuck to the ground<br>

And though I never did meet you before<br>



I said "Hello Mary Lou<br>

Goodbye heart<br>

Sweet Mary Lou <br>

I'm so in love with you<br>

I knew Mary Lou<br>

We'd never part<br>

So Hello Mary Lou<br>

Goodbye heart"<br>


I saw your lips I heard your voice<br>

believe me I just had no choice<br>

Wild horses couldn't make me stay away<br>

I thought about a moonlit night<br>

My arms about good an' tight<br>

That's all I had to see for me to say<br>




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