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Rosa Antica - Looking For Something Divine Lyrics

(music by Daniel P. / lyrics by Sir Cage)

I whisper this prayer toward the stars
Send me an angel to love till I die

How many times I deceived my pride
But now I’m looking for something divine

RIT: Divine - Looking for something so divine
Fuel my soul till I will shine
An earthquake shocking my whole life
Looking for something so divine
Looking for something divine

A sore need of love
‘cause time passes by
leaving a layer of sand
on my chest
I sink like a stone
But now that you’ve grabbed my hand
No more fears
No tears from the sky
Only the pulse of this vibe
It’s so fine
It’s warming my soul
Absorbing the grey from my life
I can’t lie
You sister of mine
So tender so precious so divine


Building my own paradise
I’ve looked too far
Forgetting to search it in your eyes
(You) gave a sense to my life
And now I’m so strong
‘cause I know that you’re on my side
And I’m ready to die
For something so precious
For something so really divine


Divine – Divine - Divine
Maybe I’ve found it in your eyes


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