Rosa Antica - Seven Lyrics

(music by Daniel P. / lyrics by Sir Cage)

Now I’ve finished the tears
My skin is turning steel
You rape my ears
With lies that can’t be real
And struck my nerves
Pucking out the past
But I’m not the same
And I’ll show you all my

New heaven onto me
I’ve crossed that line
Gripping back my life
I won’t cry again
Wasting all my days
It’s a power from beyond
Touch me and I will blow

Maybe this time you’ll meet the beast that I keep inside!

I’m not to blame – if mercy starts to fade
I’m not to blame – if I am all I have
I’m not to blame – “7”

For seven seasons we travelled together
That’s not a good reason for try it again
Now that my mirror has been broken in half
A distorted vision is what you’ve become
You stink as a plague but only future will tell
Look at the sky, look it’s turning black

There’s something you don’t remind
In darkness I’m not blind
So stay away
Dirty motherfucker stay away
Take away your face
Take away your game
I care about my own

Hold your rage
Keep it for your world
Keep it for your own
Seven is my message and now I’ll show you the way


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