BUCKSHOT & 9TH WONDER - Intro - The Formula Lyrics

To the weak what we do buck 'em down word life

Look, I don't preach, but I do teach
MY little homies in the hood how to outreach
And how to move your mouth piece cause
A closed mouth never get invited to the feast
I enlighten the streets, give them a chance
At the same time give them new rhythms to dance
To, my black people, we not equal
Ain't nothing sweet in the street when they stopping you
Know the reason I'm pulling over and seeing the sirens
Ask me where I been but listen that's my biz
My formula stays call and cool
Cause if I, break fool and put my hand on my tool
I'm going to jail for real for attempt to murder
Police is shootin' niggas on sight now, word up
Think they all drinkin' syrup so they got excuses
Putting bullets in your back, bullet shot in your gooses
But, I keep it moving like a highway
My way'll get the job done, call it Formula 1
Cause hey, hey

It's the formula, the formula

The formula, stay true never tell
Some of my dudes throwin' they best friends in jail
(Formula) Stay productive never lazy
I fucks with the haze ire, but that's ok with me
(Formula) To make it happen when your broke
Cause when your hear fix ya face, I'll slide the gold
(The Formula) How to reap what you sow
How to chief whatchu grow while your beats just blow
(The Formula) Need another lesson I'm a give it to you
Uh, uh... that's how I did it to you
(The Formula) I break it down, by the uh, by the pound
So, uh, stick around, it's the Formula

It's the formula, the formula


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