Singles movie - Overblown Lyrics

Song by Mudhoney

Everybody loves us
Everybody loves our town
That's why I'm thinkin' lately
Time for leavin' is now
Hey hey hey hey
It's so overblown
Everybody loves us
Man they give me the creeps
And you're up there, shirtless and flexin'
Display of a macho freak
Now you've got your attention
And you've gone so very far
They gave you your very own spotlight
Just like some real rock star
Hey hey hey hey
It's so overblown
(Show 'em Stevie)
You got a sackfull of candy
All I got was a rock
They got you by your big business boy
Next you know you're packin extra socks
Everybody loves us
Everybody's gettin kinda old
Couldn't hold a regular job
Long live rock 'n' roll
Hey hey hey hey
It's so overblown
It's all over and done


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