5TH WARD BOYZ - Immortal 2K lyrics

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(feat. Outlawz)



5th Ward and Outlawz [x6]

[Verse 1: 007 of the 5th Ward Boyz]

I'm a little lost

Me and you, knowin' nothin' but the hustler

Mafia life and mob musta

What the loss, 5th Ward Boyz and Outlawz

Don't give a fuck who you is

Bitch, I kill your kids

You a B, get at your kid you can

Fuck the pen

A Nigga baptized the sin

Shots are here, blows of weed and high speed

Paddy deep, immortal Niggas ride with me

[Verse 2: E.D.I of the Outlawz]

Is it politics or paper

Ghetto taxes to enslave us

Babies die, mommas cry

Ain't nobody come and save us

Better hate and I hate you then

Now hate me cause you can't change

Now hate me cause you blame me of stoppin' this fuckin' thing

High sign and high tappin' phone, rappin' motherfuckers

It's Rap-A-Lot Mafia and we at you motherfuckers

Blast at you motherfuckers, we the most T-lawz

And the 5th Ward Boyz join the mob and see the mob

[Verse 3: Young Noble of the Outlawz]

Bein' talent than an average jab

More balanced than an average cat

Slappin' leg, last for my stack

I stab with the track

Call me low ends on the (?)

Oh you wanna hurt me, or blow a controversy

I'm the motherfuckin' best Nigga, after Pac

After stuck at Rap-A-Lot,

I can't wait till we drop

I'm takin' yours with 8-ball

Bringin' you all,

in the 5th Ward with them Boyz, fuck it up

And when we fuckin' it up it ain't FUNNY

Niggas gotta eat, motherfucker take MONEY

[Chorus: All]

You live the life of crime

Blind mine

Still find time to gettin' high

We still ride and we still die

We die even though we try to change in this game

Still 5th Ward and Outlawz stay remain the same

Some aim to get with them

Put your guns in the sky

(Put your guns in the sky)

One time we all ride

Outlawz we multiply

Bye, bye

[Verse 4: E-Rock of the 5th Ward Boyz]

Livin' that mob life, that's sheist fly

But it's real life

I put my faith in God, hope I don't die tonight

It's critical look in these streets

Fuckin' with me

Tried for that Nigga Pac, screamin' M.O.B

Cause it's the mob bitch

5th Ward and Outlawz

We can't be stopped

Rap-A-Lot blowin' up your whole block

Rollin' bad, beamin' red dots on your head

Cockin', squeezin',

to your Fubu (gunshot) like you bleed so

Coward guys, when you see E-Rock

Fuckin' these bitch Niggas, bustin' nuts with my Glock

[Verse 5: Kastro of the Outlawz]

Gettin' punch-drunk, motherfuckin' hoes in my underwear

From out the gutter, life stink like hootie-hair

I been there, that's why I survive anywhere

Fried any tear, don't believe this here

Yeah, these Niggas is lame, tamed as Puff Daddy

Scared shots out they Glock when they caught at me

Hard scratched me, even harder to relax me

You a bitch, boy and 5th Ward be body on the bags

[Verse 6: Lo-Life of the 5th Ward Boyz]

This shit's comin' from a mile away

Don't make me shit a style a day

Lend of shots to your block,

till the corners throw their ride away

Ain't weezin up, we heatin' up

Ready for rush hour

Throwin' up gas and powder

Screamin' money and the power die

Motherfucker, go try your luck up and fuck up

Don't let your smooth chase

Fool your ass, what you gonna hush us

We did it out the car man

Put your ass in the ride

When Niggas die of homicide

(?) fuckin' sky

[Chorus x1,5]


5th Ward Boyz and Outlawz [x3]

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