Madea's Family Reunion movie - In Control Lyrics

Song by B-Band

chorus:You think you're better than me but you're not you're just hating on me cuz im hot and you know that I'm in control
baby you think you're better than me but you're wrong and guess why I'm singing this song is to let you know I'm in control
verse 1:You,Know that I am fresh,you know that I am clean but there's something that you need to know about me.You can't
seem to understand that I am in command and that I have to approve of everything that you do.
Verse 2:You,Have to go when I say go.Cuz guess who's running this show(It's me)Just wanted to let you know.And if you have a
problem with that you come to my face with that and then just wait and you'll see what I'll do.
Bridge:What's the problem what's the deal I'm just tryin to keep it real..Why can't you just understand when I say that I'm
in command I'm in control and you know it too so why can't you just play by my rules.What's ya problem what's ya deal just
talk to me just keep it real.
Chorus x2
Fades Out!

[Thanks to Avril for lyrics]


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