X-Files Episodes 2 movie - The Sky Is Broken Lyrics

Song by Moby

See the storm has broken
In the middle of the night
Nothing left here for me
It's washed away

The rain pushes the buildings aside
The sky turns black
The sky, wash it far
Push it out to sea
There's nothing left here for me
I watch it lift up to the sky
I watch it crush me, then I die

Speak to me baby
In the middle of the night
Pull your mouth close to mine
I can see the wind coming down
Like black night

So speak to me
Like the winds outside
It's broken up, pushing us

Hear the rain fall
See the wind come to my eyes
See the storm broken
Now nothing

Speak to me baby
In the middle of the night
Speak to me
Hold your mouth to mine

'Cause the sky is breaking
It's deeper than love
I know the way you feel
Like the rains outside
Speak to me


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