NECRO - Evil Rules Lyrics

(verse 1)
I'm a Quiet Riot bringin' the loudness, like when a 4-pound spits,
like when a Slayer crowd pits, '86 at The Ritz.
36 Crazy Fists, my posse in a dance,
18 of us rocking you Possesed, like Ozzy sniffin' ants.
the Death Angel kills the Blind Illusion of Exodus,
a Heathen performing Forbidden Violence as my Testament.
Doing the Toxic Waltz, boxing, getting in brawls,
holding glocks, if beef pops, we go Balls To The Wall.
World Downfall, Raise Ya Fist And Yell,
drunk like Chris Holmes, Megalomaniac, Women, Leather and Hell.
I'm a Zakk Wylde Child, like Manson obscene,
fucking Tawny Kitaen with my Whitesnake, then cum on her like Rammstein.
Shred You like Malmstein, my Soul's Fly, Kill, Fuck, Die,
None Shall Defy, i'm your Sadus, Your Soul I Deny.
Lightning To The Nations, Bestial Devastation,
From Enslavement to Obiteration, i'm bigger than Satan.

Death Rap. Extreme violence and brutal murder.
Cut your head off with a machete. Evil Rules.
(repeat chorus)

(verse 2)
I'll put you on a eat shit diet, start a mosh pit riot and kill someone,
don't knock it 'til you try it.
Grab a Glock, cock it, pressure apply it, to the trigger,
nothing's fresher then me buy it, suicide, decide it.
Cyanide provided, sayonara, sleep in a Sepultura Sarcophagus,
look in my eyes of horror.
Stab your esophagus, the harvester of sorrow,
carvin' ya mental like John Carpenter, backwards like Bizarro.
Yesterday is tomorrow, pull a razor on you,
cut you consecutively, occasionally Deja Vu.
Executive producer of Brutality, seduce your mentality,
a noose around your jugular capillary.
Vascular suffocation, potent like a methadone mongoloid
shootin' up masculine mescaline from a rodent.
Step to you with the power of Odin and make you gush a blood shower.
'til your flesh is like slush, your bowels exploding.

(chorus 2x)

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