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Hazell Dean - Back In My Arms (Once Again) Lyrics

And the words of a song say everything
When I switch on the radio
'Cos it brings back all the memories
And it seems so long ago
And there's rain outside on the window pane
Is it cold inside your heart?
If don't get back to you somehow
You know it's gonna tear me apart


Once again
Let's give it another try
Because I need you back in my arms, and then
Once again
The love in my heart won't die
Even if we say goodbye
Once again

And I think I see you everywhere
And sometime I call your name
And I feel the hurt inside of me
I wonder do you feel the same?
If we turn our back on the broken heart
And look each other in the eye
If love has the strength to take us there
We only have to keep it alive


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