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Nancy and The Boys - You Don't Know My Name Lyrics

Baby baby baby
From the day I saw you
I really really wanna catch your eye
There's somethin' special 'bout you
I must really like you
Cause not a lot of guys are worth my time, ooh
Ooh baby baby baby it's gettin' kinda crazy
Cause you takin' over my mind

* And it feels like ooh
You don't know my name
I swear
It feels like ooh
You don't know my name
Round and round and round we go

Will you ever know

Ooh baby baby baby
I see us on our first date
You're doin' everything that makes me smile
And when we had our fist kiss
It happened on a Thursday
And, ooh, it set my soul on fire
Ooh baby baby baby
I can't wait for the first time

My imagination's runnin' wild

* Repeat

I'm saying
He don't even know what he's doin' to me
I be feelin' all crazy inside
I'm feelin' like ooh

Doin' nothin' I ever done for anyone's attention
Take notice of what's in front of you
Cause did I mention you 'bout to miss a good thing
All you'll never know how good it feels to have
All of my attention
And you'll never get a chance to experience
My lovin', cause my lovin' feels like

* Repeat

Will you ever know it
No no no no no no no
Will you ever know it

Imma jus' have to go 'head and call this boy
Can I speak to...to Michael
Oh hey, how you doin'?
Uh, I feel kind silly doin' this but um
This is the waitress from the coffee house on 39th and Lenox
You know the one with the braids, yeah
Well, I see you on Wednesdays all the time
You come in every Wednesday on your lunch break I think
And you always order the special, with the hot chocolate
My manager be trippin' and stuff talkin' bout
we gotta use water
but I always use some milk and cream for you cause
[Giggles]...I think you kinda sweet
Anyway, you always got on some fly blue suit
Your cuff links are shinin' all bright
So what you do?
Oh word, yeah that's interestin'
Look, man, I mean...I don't wanna waste your time
but I know girls don't usually do this
But I was wonderin' if maybe we could get together outside
the restaurant one day?
You know, cause I do look a lot different outside
my work clothes
I mean, we could just go across the street
to the park right here
Wait, hold up, my cellphone breakin' hold up
Can you hear me now? Yeah
So what day did you say?
Oh yeah, Thursday's perfect

* Repeat (x4)

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