Naoki - B4U Lyrics

Let's get it on don't stop us now
When we step on the scene
We came to get down
Check the moves you know they can't be dissed
Ain't 2 many that can flow like this
We humming, coming at ya!
And the rhythm gonna get ya!
Need I, should I say no more
Tell me what the deal?
Yo check my flow!!!

*Jump Jump Jump D.D.R.
Yo everybody feel the beat with D.D.R.
Jam Jam Jam D.D.R.
Everybody dance let's get down

Could it be that you wanna be more like me
No shame, I bring my pain for the year 2 G's
Now we gonna turn this party out
Put your hands in the air move 'em all around
Can you feel the beat down in your soul
Don't fight the feeling just let it go
4, 3, 2, 1 let's count it down
Wanna see you move we you hear that sound


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