EZ2Dancer - We Luv Music Lyrics

funky music
and the music
funky music

We got music (we've got music)
funky music (funky, funky, funky)
and the music (and the music)
funky music (funky, funky, funky)


Rock the roll,
let all the world know
you got soul,
more boogie an' a roll

Find control
dance then bow,
Saturday love it
control the beat though

I rock the party
you rock the mike, mike
Boogie on down,
on the folks tonight

I, and my crew, we all hold tight
Gonna have fun with my people, aight?

A feelin' that I can't explain,
has come over me (has come over me, my baby)
the music's drivin' me insane,
got me all in a daze, feels so good, can't explain

Music (We love music)
funky music (funky, funky, funky, music)
and the music (I'm singin' with the music)
funky music (My-oh, my, oh, my, oh my...)

We got music (Yeah, come and sing around the beat)
funky music (it's time to sing the song)
and the music (I-oh, I-oh, I...)
funky music (I love the music, yeah, oh babe)

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