Para Para Paradise 2 - The Boom Boom Power Lyrics

I want your gasoline
I want my medicine
I want you now as a lighting fighter

I want my baby sound
I want you move around
A beat beat gamin' to do on line

Come into the groove, oh babe, I need your fun - hey!
Hold the line 'n' now
Turning up the sound
Baby, keep on running to the diamond tiger
To you, to me, to ahy-ahy-ahy-ahy

The Boom Boom Power, you push and give me up
Dance, oh little babe-dance and love me too
The Boom Boom Power, you push and take it up
Play, my little baby with you

I want my energy
You want my memory
You want me baby, come on my fire

You want I move around
I want you play the sound
The game game player is on the line

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