DAVID BOWIE - Changes Lyrics

Oh yeahMmStill don't know what I was waiting forAnd my time was running wildA million dead-end streets andEvery time I thought I'd got it madeIt seemed the taste was not so sweetSo I turned myself to face meBut I've never caught a glimpseOf how the others must see the fakerI'm much too fast to take that testCh-ch-ch-ch-changes(turn and face the strain)Ch-ch-changesDon't want to be a richer manCh-ch-ch-ch-changes(turn and face the strain)Ch-ch-changesJust gonna have to be a different manTime may change meBut I can't trace timeI watch the ripples change their sizeBut never leave the streamOf warm impermanenceSo the days float through my eyesBut stil the days seem the sameAnd these children that you spit onAs they try to change their worldsAre immune to your consultationsThey're quite aware of what they're going throughCh-ch-ch-ch-changes(turn and face the strain)Ch-ch-changesDon't tell them to grow up and out of itCh-ch-ch-ch-changes(turn and face the strain)Ch-ch-changesWhere's your shameYou've left us up to our necks in itTime may change meBut you can't trace timeStrange fascination, fascinating meAh changes are taking the pace I'm going throughCh-ch-ch-ch-changes(turn and face the strain)Ch-ch-changesOh, look out you rock 'n rollersCh-ch-ch-ch-changes(turn and face the strain)Ch-ch-changesPretty soon now you're gonna get a little olderTime may change meBut I can't trace timeI said that time may change meBut I can't trace time

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2012-03-22 08:54:30 by anonymous
I love david bowie! he's just... wonderful :D:D:D